May 16, 2018

SEO scam artists , bad boys are back in town

I will not go into an endless discussion about the fact that there is no such thing as cheap SEO. Yes, you have read it right!

But before you hire someone for SEO, well ….you have to analyze at least twice before acting once.

Whether you are hiring an agency, freelancer, or hiring in-house, the best SEO’s are going to know the value of their skills and its impact on your business.

There are a growing number of bad SEO companies and SEO scams. Before you consult with an SEO company or freelancer, protect yourself from signing a deal with an SEO SCAM artist.

The first thing you will need to do is to  educate yourself :

You must at least learn what are:  Meta Tags, Spidering, or Web crawling, Robots, Spiders, Worms, WebCrawler, and WebAnts.

It will take you some time but at least you will not fall to easy into a trap from an SEO scam artist.

cheap seo

Red flags for a Search Engine Optimization  company :

1.         We Promise Your Site Will be full Indexed in 48 Hours!

2.         We Guarantee Page Rank of XX or Top Ranking In YY amount of  Time

3.         Massive SE Submissions “We will submit your site to 2,000 search engines!”…

4.         Hundreds of Links to Your Site Any links you get from such claims will just hurt your site more than to help it.   Robots are smart and know when you are trying to cheat the system!

5.         We Know Someone inside Google team. He knew things the other SEOers did not. Just run ….. I also knew someone inside Google team ….and I can guaranty that there is 0 Google related discussion when we have the chance to talk or meet.

6.         We know how to crack Google algorithm.  Yeahhhhhhhhhh right ……and I know how to always win a lottery game but I am too lazy to write a book …….tell him to get a real job” and close the discussion.

The list can continue …..but I think you got the main idea.

As I told you on top I don’t believe in cheap SEO …because no matter how familiar you are, or fast, or capable, or well prepared,  there is still a large volume of work required for a proper Search Engine Optimization for a medium size business.

SO try not to get fooled, by fake SEO specialists.


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