April 18, 2018

Associations blame YouTube and Google for collecting data on children

Most of the time our children use google or facebook for searching the information on the web, but youtube and google are collecting data on children.

US associations have accused YouTube and its parent company Google of collecting personal data about children and using it to target advertisements.  Twenty-three digital rights and child protection organizations announced Monday, April 9, filing a complaint with the FTC, the US trade youtube

They claim that Google collects the personal information of minors on YouTube, although this site is officially banned under 13 years. The company would record their location, the device used to connect, and mobile phone numbers.  “they amasses its information without first informing parents and uses it to target advertisements to children everywhere on the internet,” said these associations.

Google says “protect children and families”

“For years, Google has abandoned its responsibility to children and families by misleadingly claiming that YouTube (a site flooded with cartoons, rhymes, and advertisements for toys) is not for children under 13, believes in the press Josh Golin, of the Campaign for a childhood without advertising, one of the signatories. organizations they make huge profits with ads for children and should respect [the law on the protection of children’s privacy internet] . “

According to the associations, Gooogle’s practices contravene the 1998 law, which “prohibits a website intended for children, or who knows that children use it, to collect and use such information without the parents’ consent. ” . Contacted by AFP, a spokesman for Google said the group had not seen the complaint, but that “protecting children and families was a priority.” “Because YouTube is not for kids, we’ve invested heavily to create the YouTube Kids app, which offers a kid-friendly alternative,  added the spokesperson.

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